How Easy Is It for Your Owners to Get Assistance?

Sometimes owners need phone support—whether it’s to check reservation dates, exchange into a different resort, or inquire about maintenance fees.

Last year we implemented new technology to make it even easier for owners to get the assistance they need. The integration of Salesforce, Pardot, and NewVoiceMedia has increased our Net Promoter Score to 83.9, meaning that the vast majority of owners calling in are very satisfied with their experience.

Why It Matters to Your Resort

Our experience shows that delinquencies go up when owners do not understand how to use their timeshare. One of the best features of timeshare is the flexibility, but it also means that owners have to navigate numerous options to find the one that fits their plans.

By providing a superior customer service experience, you make it easier for owners to get the information they need, which increases use rates and decreases delinquencies. It can be challenging for individual resorts to service the diverse needs of thousands of owners. That’s why resolving requests through our centralized owner services center is a value-added component from our management company.

Our Technology Saves Owners Time

Whenever an existing owner calls us, their account automatically displays on the computer screen of the agent who will be servicing their call. This gives us the ability to see all of the owners’ information, including their vacation preferences and booking history.

Maybe an owner wants to stay in the same building at Hanalei Bay Resort as last summer, but they can’t remember the name. Or maybe they are unclear about their exchange options. We’re able to find that information within seconds.

Our Technology Improves Service

Grand Pacific Vacation Services has multiple functions. The team handles owner services, rentals, account loyalty, and more. While each agent is trained in all areas, NewVoiceMedia gives us the ability to route owners to highly specialized agents based on the topic of their inquiry and our agents’ expertise.

All inbound and outbound calls are recorded, and agents receive real-time coaching from their supervisors. We also give every owner the opportunity to complete a post-call survey, so we know what went well and what needs to be improved.

For More Information

We have other articles on resort management here. If you have any questions about implement our approach to benefit your resort, get in touch! Our experienced team is happy to provide a complimentary consultation.