Rental Solutions

Owner First Approach + Rental Solutions

Grand Pacific Resorts works with resorts with an Owner-First approach to keep them happy, and to monetize any unused HOA owned and delinquent inventory to financially keep the resort Association healthy. We use our expertise in market analysis, and leverage our on-line travel agents to saturate resort’s presence in the marketplace.

Home Resort Use

We encourage Owners to experience their home resort, staying connected and engaged.

Exchange Programs

Our VIP concierge services make it easy for Owners to enjoy use benefits almost anywhere and through all exchange companies.

Owner Rental

We can seamlessly place Owner inventory into a rental program and generate the highest possible market rate of return to the depositing Owner.

Vacant Inventory

After implementing our Owner First approach, remaining bad debt and HOA owned inventory is analyzed to project vacant inventory, always allowing for additional Owner utilization throughout the year.

Market Analysis

We understand your resorts marketplace, your local competition, regional dynamics, Average Daily Rates (ADR), social media sentiment and physical condition.

Association Rental

Brand Managers and On-line Travel Agents (OTAs) are utilized to saturate your resorts presence in the marketplace. This heightened awareness draws more traffic, improves your social sentiment and pushes up your ADR.

Bonus Time

Because of our Owner First philosophy, Bonus Time programs are aggressively offered to drive Owner Satisfaction.


We will cover your delinquent maintenance fees with rental income keeping your association whole and thriving.

HOA Resale

Previously vacant rooms, now occupied by renters paying a premium, provide fuel for your resorts sales machine.

Happy Owners

All of our efforts begin and end with happy and engaged Owners. Driving their utilization is the key to your resorts financial success!

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