SMOV at The Tea House

Every year, Grand Pacific Resorts encourages its 80,000-strong Owner base to consider donating their week to a breast cancer survivor in partnership with Send Me On Vacation, a non-profit organization dedicated to gifting vacations to cancer survivors.

We created the Revive & Thrive Program, which gives Owners an opportunity to help transform the life of a family in need. The response has been overwhelming, with over 30 weeks donated so far. For every donated week, Grand Pacific Resorts assists with additional costs like transportation, meals, and anything else the survivor may need in order to enjoy a completely carefree vacation.

Grand Pacific Resorts and Send Me On Vacation are thrilled to have sent six breast cancer survivors on vacation at San Clemente Inn this month. The women described the week as a restorative opportunity to pause and reflect along with fellow survivors.

“I’m so proud that our Owners eagerly partner with us to benefit this cause in our long- standing commitment to giving back,” said Renee Wanger, RRP, Senior Director of Marketing at Grand Pacific Resorts. “These women and their families have been through so much and deserve a vacation. Seeing our Associates go above and beyond to create a special week of rejuvenation is a reflection of our organization’s core values in action.”