San Diego local Stephanie G. has recently rediscovered just what her hometown has in store for her. “Our favorite location is our staycation,” she said. In 2005, Stephanie and her husband purchased a week in Carlsbad as an anniversary gift for one another. “My husband and I visited Point Loma to watch the majestic California Grey Whales,” Stephanie recalled. “The weather was picture perfect and we even spotted dolphins.”

It’s difficult to not imagine that picturesque seascape, dotted with marine life, as anything but paradise. No matter how you and your family unwind and connect, you’re able to do so in your paradise as owners with Grand Pacific Resorts.

As Kamilah D. explained, “Channel Island Shores is by far my favorite resort to visit.” In the midst of family turmoil, Kamilah, her husband and young son sought refuge from life’s daily challenges during their retreats to this Oxnard, CA resort. “We are not only so grateful for this place, but also very blessed by the staff there who take such special care of us every time we go…Channel Island Shores has easily earned its way into our hearts. It has been a place of beauty, relaxation, fun, ease and even healing,” she praised.

“Time away is a rejuvenating, healing, thoughtful, period that helps bring you to place to return to the grinds of daily life and reassess the important things in life that are sometimes forgotten,” Lana B. advised. Fellow traveler Kevin H., who has taken advantage of Grand Pacific’s exclusive internal exchange program, Grand Pacific Exchange (GPX), agreed: “Vacations are all about making memories,” he stated. “After some research and planning with GPX we traded our weeks for a set of four units at Ka’anapali Beach Resort on Maui with a follow up week at The Point at Poipu on Kauai…This trip gave us an opportunity to share the experience of Hawaii with the people we love the most.”

Not all travelers may find tropical or seaside vacations speak to their version of “paradise.” In fact, 37-year-old Lisette Z. traveled to Sedona, Arizona, with her mother for what they deemed a “Mommy & Me” vacation. “What can a mommy and daughter do best?” Lisette teased. Shopping! “We spent so much time at Tlaquepaque enjoying all the shops, galleries and having lunch, on a lovely patio on a sunny and beautiful afternoon in Sedona.” Traveler Yvonne C. could relate; she and her sister recharge at their preferred property in sunny Palm Springs, CA. She said, “These getaways are for us to enjoy our time to pamper ourselves, shop, shop, shop, eat whatever and whenever we want, relax by the pool and make new friends.”

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