JUNE GPR Blog Finalists

In April 2023, Grand Pacific Resorts was proud to send 20 contenders to the esteemed American Resort Development Association (ARDA) Conference held in Orlando, Florida. This annual event serves as a platform for recognizing the outstanding achievements and excellence exhibited by professionals and programs in the timeshare industry. It was an extraordinary occasion for Grand Pacific Resorts and our Associates, four of which took home awards for their service and contributions.

To celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of our talented finalists, we are thrilled to present a series of blog posts featuring them throughout the year. This month, we shine the spotlight on three of our remarkable Associates: James Leveredge, Sean Herriott, and Patrick Fernane! Keep reading below to see their nominations as presented for their ARDA finalist positions.

James Leveredge: General Manager at RiverPointe Napa Valley


After more than two decades spent in the hospitality industry, James is training his Team at RiverPointe Napa Valley to look at everything through the Guest experience, often taking Front Desk Associates outside then bringing them back in through the lobby to simulate a check-in. He has applied this practice to every department and Associate, including Housekeeping and Maintenance. By having Associates view things from the Guest perspective, James believes they will take ownership of each situation to provide the best possible experience. With his passion for serving Owners and Guests, James has trained Associates to understand that every interaction potentially creates an opportunity to impact a Guest’s vacation and the lifelong memories made during their time at the resort. During his five-year tenure with us, James has empowered his Team to make Guests happy while simultaneously giving them the tools, training, and encouragement necessary to do their jobs. Always a hands-on leader, James loves to be at the front of the house, observing and taking notes to later discuss ideas for improvement with his Team. James is proud of RiverPointe Napa Valley’s retention rates. After reopening from our mandatory resort closures, every Associate not only returned to RiverPointe Napa Valley, but also bonded to become a tightly knit group that strives to enhance both the Guest and Associate experience. Whether it’s buying lunch on busy days, doing daily stretches together in the lobby, celebrating special occasions, or even going on full-day field trips at the end of each season, James demonstrates the utmost care and respect for his Team, keeping in mind how hard they work, and making sure to provide them with everything they need to succeed. 

Sean Herriott: General Manager at Southern California Beach Club

Sean Herriott Headshot

When Sean started his career as a Guest Service Agent in 2012, his dream was to someday become a General Manager at a resort near his hometown. Through passion, patience, and perseverance, he worked his way up over the years, excelling in every new role he filled. In 2017, Sean was selected to attend our General Manager Training Program. He was the first person in the program to become a General Manager, and today is a prime example of its success. Starting at a 12-unit resort, Sean is now the General Manager of a 43-unit resort in his hometown! How about that for dreams fulfilled? Sean is extremely approachable, consistently encouraging both Associates and Owners to reach out to him with any concerns they may have. Sean’s humor is a large part of his management style, often joking with both his Team and his resort’s Owners and Guests. Sean prioritizes health and safety above all else, consistently receiving top Service and Housekeeping scores. This is even more impressive when considering the location of Southern California Beach Club, which sits a mere 15 feet from the beach. Despite the impressive upkeep challenges this location requires, Sean’s undaunted Housekeeping Team has consistently achieved outstanding room cleanliness scores for the last seven consecutive years! Sean also implemented multiple incentive programs at his resort, and consistently rewards his Team with daily lunches or gift cards. His summer incentive program enables his Team to pick up extra hours if they wish, helping keep the resort’s Associate retention high. As a highly analytical thinker, Sean studies operating procedures and feedback, enabling him to make informed decisions that improve processes and services.

Patrick Fernane: Assistant General Manager at Grand Pacific Palisades Resort


Patrick possesses the whole package of a winning attitude. He’s an Associate who appreciates and follows company SOPs, yet isn’t afraid to question processes when he feels they need updating. Patrick also has all the traits of a good manager: He’s analytical, intelligent, detail-oriented, and extremely engaged. While task-driven, Patrick is also personable and hysterically funny. On the collaborative side, Patrick compliments his General Manager’s strengths and creates opportunities for them to solve complex challenges together. Patrick’s General Manager says that the two of them can agree to disagree, though she will always respect his thoughts and often updates processes that Patrick has proven to be valid and efficient. Patrick has managed to achieve a healthy work-life balance, keeping him grounded in all that he needs to accomplish. Patrick has held a number of positions at Grand Pacific Resorts, including Executive Housekeeper. At one point, Patrick left for a period of time only to realize that Grand Pacific Resorts was his home. He returned to work with our company, consistently showing growth alongside his responsibilities and contributions. Whenever a new training program is initiated, we can rest assured that Patrick has it under control. He’s a checklist kind of Manager and always interacts with Associates to get their feedback on processes. He listens intently to Team Members and respects their ideas and viewpoints. Patrick is process-driven and puts great value into creating efficiencies in the workplace. His belief in streamlining is consistent with his ability to maintain value. He frequently champions operational growth and organizational knowledge, and we can always count on Patrick to ensure processes are complete while adhering to company procedures.