We believe Southern California’s natural beauty, ideal weather and high quality of life deserves to be protected. At Grand Pacific Resorts we’re working hard to keep the places you love to vacation beautiful.

Did you know that San Diego’s visitor industry is the third largest industry in the county and critical to the region’s economy?

Grand Pacific Resorts is leading the pack in sustainable hospitality practices!


We were featured in a case study by Climate Education Partners, an organization dedicated to addressing the challenges of climate change that threaten San Diego by providing education and bringing local science to San Diego leaders to safeguard our region’s quality of life.

Using Grand Pacific Resorts as a leading example, Climate Education Partners highlights the innovative ways to tackle the effects climate change has had on the tourism industry. This has impacted us in the form of beach erosion, hotter days, and natural disasters like fires and flooding in the communities we operate in. Addressing climate change goes hand-in-hand with guest safety, making both initiatives a top priority when we approach our current sustainability efforts and creating future action plans.

Along with Grand Pacific Resorts’ sustainability practices helping the environment they are also part of a cost/benefit analysis that in turn helps us better allocate our owners’ reserve dollars to upgrades and renovation projects, making it a win-win for the environment and our owners. Here are some of the ways we’re making a difference:

  • We utilized SDG&E’s rebate program to install smart thermostats and LED lighting throughout our resorts, reducing energy usage by 1 million kilowatts
  • We’ve planted succulent gardens and indigenous drought-resistant landscaping at our resorts, reducing the need for water by 50% and resulting in $11K savings
  • We’ve organized a “Green Team” to help reduce waste costs and implement Going Green programs to communicate with guests about sustainability efforts

Amanda Montijo, General Manager at Coronado Beach Resort and proud founder of our “Green Team” explains, “Since Grand Pacific Resorts’ green team was organized in 2009, much of the focus has been on education and creating action plans for each resort location. It starts with education about the various aspects of sustainability, education about how to motivate guests and employees, and education about resources that exist within the industry. Attending workshops, seminars and classes whenever possible and applying knowledge to GPR’s Sustainability Action Plan has allowed the company to start benchmarking utility usage and identifying achievements, as well as identify opportunities for more impact.”

Watch Climate Education Partners’ video to see how Grand Pacific Resorts is helping understand, “How to Make Your Business Climate Resilient.”