At its heart, your annual meeting is a celebration of you, the owner, and the things that make your resort so special. You could almost think of it as a family reunion, with resort associates and owners coming together to reconnect, reminisce about past vacations, and look forward to future ones.

Your resort is busy preparing for your annual meeting, and it’s time to make your travel plans. If you’ve never been to an annual meeting, or if a few years have passed since you last joined the fun, you may have forgotten everything there is to look forward to.

1. Mingle with Your Fellow Owners 

Come mix and mingle with likeminded owners who share your passion for travel, family, and good food! RiverPointe Napa Valley hosts wine tasting after the annual meeting. Grand Pacific Palisades Resort & Hotel and Carlsbad Seapointe Resort offer live entertainment by the pool. Call ahead to find out what special social event is planned for your home resort, or keep an eye out for more information in your resort newsletter.

 2. Get Your Benefits Questions Answered

At the expo, you’ll find a Grand Pacific Vacation Services booth staffed with vacation specialists who are ready to answer all your questions about maximizing your owner benefits, use weeks, and more. If you’ve ever wondered how you can vacation more for less with ResorTime or Grand Pacific Exchange, this booth is for you.

Depending on your resort, you may also be able to see Grand Opportunity products in-person before purchase. This owner benefit gives you the chance to buy showerheads, mattresses, bathrobes, and more at-cost.

3. Get to Know Your Board

Your board members are elected by you to maintain the good health of your resort, so it’s helpful to get to know them, especially when it comes time to cast your vote. At your HOA meeting, you’ll hear about their long-term vision for the resort and put faces to names.

 4. Make Suggestions for Improvement

While your board and resort management is always open to suggestions, your annual meeting is a convenient and open time to provide feedback. Bring your thoughts and feel free to share with your board members, resort management, and fellow owners. Your idea could be the next big thing at Grand Pacific Resorts!

5. Make New Memories with Your Resort Family

Your annual meeting brings owners together with resort associates, giving everyone an opportunity to reconnect in a casual environment. We often hear from our owners that their home resort feels like an extension of family, plus it’s always a joy for us to see you outside of your use week.

Availability around the annual meeting typically goes fast. Many owners travel to the resort for the meeting and then stay an extra few days, seeing it as the perfect reason for an extra vacation. If you would like to attend, reach out to Grand Pacific Vacation Services at (877) 477-7368 to book your stay today.