I need a mini vacation but don’t want the hassle of long drives and airports. What to do? I got it! I’ll just take a “staycation”, a long weekend off at home to relax. But hey since I’m home I might as well catch up on some laundry… the yard does need weeding… I am off work so I guess I could help Mikey move… Wait! This was supposed to be a relaxing weekend! Where did I go wrong?!

“Where” indeed. Does this sound familiar? Some folks don’t need to leave home to fully relax but others do need to literally step outside of their everyday environment. It is so easy to get swept up in every day chores. So how do you solve the staycation dilemma? Easy! Take advantage of your benefits as a Grand Pacific Owner!

  • Take a day! Day Use, that is. Many of the Grand Pacific managed properties welcome their Owners to enjoy their home resort outside of their use week. As Wendy K. put it, “I love the Day Use. Palisades is my country club… I just love it here.” Owners are able to swim in the pools, utilize the fitness center, participate in resort activities and much more”.
  • Bonus Time is another great way to get a little distance from the daily grind. When guests cut their vacations short, this opens up availability for owners like you to stay at your home resort. Owners are able to call their home resort and request Bonus Time at a special nightly rate. Bonus Time is exclusive to the resort you own and a great option for a couple of nights away. Eleanor G., an Owner at Carlsbad Seapointe enjoys Bonus Time , “There is someone shoveling snow somewhere. It is only 2 hours, we don’t have to go to the airport. We don’t have to go through security… This is just beautiful”.
  • No availability at your home resort? No problem! ResorTime is your source for nightly rentals. With over 900 resorts worldwide you can book a vacation as near or far from home as you like. Best yet, ResorTime membership is complimentary to a Grand Pacific Resort Owner. Just call (877) 477-7368 or login at ResorTime.com to view owner-only rates.

As a Grand Pacific Owner you have so much more than just week of vacation available to you. Seize Day Use, let the kids enjoy the ice cream social or sand dollar painting as you enjoy a poolside sunset. Leave your chores at home and book Bonus Time or rent through ResorTime whenever you feel the need for a little escape. Call Owner Services at (888) 477-6967 to find out how you can get the most out of your home away from home.