It’s that time of year! Leaves are changing colors, pumpkins are everywhere, and men forego the razor blade in favor of a more hirsute, 1920s prizefighter look. That’s right, Movember is almost here.



One of our associates, Mick, introduced us to the charity last year when he spent 30 days growing an impressive stache and raised an equally impressive $300. We particularly love Movember’s commitment to mental health, as vacations are a huge part of emotional well-being.


“What Matters to You, Matters to Us” is just as true with our associates as it is with our owners. Grand Pacific Resorts is now a proud supporter of Movember, and Grand Pacific Vacation Services has its own Movember team.


GPR: Tell us a little bit about what you do as an associate at Grand Pacific Resorts.


Mick: I work closely with the company’s email campaigns. So basically if you signed up to receive information about our promotions like a GPX Bonus Week sale or ResorTime Good Buys, I’ll be sending you those emails!


GPR: When did you first become involved with Movember?


Mick: I supported Movember campaigns monetarily while in college; we had a big donation push among various clubs I was involved in. I started supporting the movement with my facial hair in 2013, and each year I’ve gotten more and more involved with regards to fundraising. My mom dreads November every year and hopes that I’ll go back to supporting Movember while clean-shaven, but now there’s no turning back!

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GPR: Why is the mission of Movember important to you personally?


Mick: The mission of Movember is four pronged. It seeks to change attitudes and fund programs to benefit men’s mental health, combat obesity and inactivity, and to fight against both testicular and prostate cancer. I think that these are important issues to discuss. For example, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men worldwide, with over a million cases recorded in 2012. These issues affect men everywhere and in every family, and I believe that it’s important to develop a safety net and shed light on these difficult topics to support our brothers, fathers, and grandfathers who are affected by the prevalence of these diseases.


GPR: How does it feel for Grand Pacific Resorts to support Movember in such a big way this year?


Mick: It’s awesome! We do a lot of corporate giving, and growing a moustache or even just donating to a facial haired coworker is a fun way to learn more about the importance of men’s health and feel like you’re doing some good in the world. It’s also a nice feeling to realize that your bosses and coworkers, people you work with every day, are with you every step of the way. It makes you appreciate the people around you so much more!


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GPR: What is the weirdest reaction you’ve had to your Movember mustache?


Mick: I’ve had multiple people tell me that they’d donate towards me shaving it off. I can’t determine if it’s a compliment towards my normal face or an insult to my moustache.  I’ve also learned that moustached men have sort of a “secret club,” where if we pass each other on the street with moustaches we’ll always give a head nod in recognition of each other’s primal facial hair.


Find out about our recent scavenger hunt to benefit Movember here. At the end of the contest, Mick presented Movember with a $1,200 donation and got a straight razor shave at Movember & Co., the foundation’s barber shop in Los Angeles.