Time for a change?

How is your resort doing?

Time for a change?

Whether you’re a self-managed resort or have a longstanding relationship with a management company, it’s good to check-in periodically to see if your current arrangement is still serving you well.

How is your resort doing in the following areas?

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Our resort lacks a strategic plan or “road map” to address delinquency reduction, facility improvements, service excellence, and ongoing financial stability.
Our board meetings last several hours and seem unfocused and unproductive.
Our delinquency rates are over 10%.
I wish our service scores were higher.
Our non-performing inventory costs our HOA more than it makes.
Our resale program is stagnant or non-existent.
We don’t have enough reserves to fund needed repairs or renovations.
I’m not entirely sure where our money goes.
Many of our employees leave after a year or two.
Our resort lacks a robust activities program.
I wish our owner use rates were higher.
What resort do you own at?
Are you a board member?

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