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Thank you for enrolling your week with the Grand Pacific Resorts Owner Rental Department. Your week will go through a verification process and upon completion will be entered into the rental program. This process typically takes 1-2 business days. Please note, a valid email address must be provided to receive email confirmation of submission. If you do not receive confirmation after 48 hours of submission, please contact

Please note if you opted out of the Auto Banking with GPX (in-house exchange program) it will be your responsibility to email Grand Pacific Vacation Services no less than 14 days in advance of your check in dates to verify if your week has been rented. At that time you can determine if you would like to remove your week from the rental program, to use it or bank with your exchange company. Otherwise you may leave it to be rented.

To check the status of your rental, please email

Since you have entered your week into the Grand Pacific Resorts Owner Rental program, please make sure to take advantage of your other Ownership benefits such as This program allows you as an owner to travel to hundreds of resorts around the US, North America and worldwide on discounted nightly and weekly owner rental rates. If you have not activated your membership, please do so now at 

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