During a time in which timeshare companies are facing significant labor shortages, Grand Pacific Resorts has managed to retain the majority of its pre-pandemic workforce.

During our temporary resort closures in 2020, we had to place several hundred Associates on leaves of absence. However, Chief of Operations Nigel Lobo was determined to keep our teams intact, knowing that the way displaced Associates were treated throughout that time would determine whether they ultimately returned once we reopened our doors again.

Our People & Culture Team kicked off an outreach campaign, helping displaced line-level team members complete unemployment application forms and distributing gift cards from grocery stores to help cover any income gaps. Throughout that challenging time, they kept in close contact to see how they could further help. The outreach was so effective that over 90% of our Associates returned to work as soon we reopened.

Grand Pacific Resorts achieved this level of loyalty by creating incentives to return like providing complimentary meals at work along with new work shoes that often cost our Associates $100 out-of-pocket. These enhanced benefits helped our Associates realize our commitment to them, which in turn reinforced their commitment to GPR.

We believe a company is only as successful as its workforce, and we are fortunate to be able to invest in the health and happiness of all those we consider the backbone of our resorts.

To learn more about the steps we’ve been taking to retain our valued Associates, read this article featured in Resort Trades, including an interview with Nigel Lobo.