For nearly two decades, Grand Pacific Resorts has hosted a major fundraiser in the form of an annual golf tournament, uniting local businesses in an effort to raise money for Christel House, a charitable organization whose mission is to help break the cycle of poverty. This year’s public health crisis prompted Grand Pacific Resorts to seek out new ways to stay connected to the cause.

When Grand Pacific Resorts co-President David Brown visited Christel House in Mexico City, a school for impoverished children, he was shocked at the conditions in which many of them were living, yet took comfort in knowing Christel House provided them with a clean and safe place to learn. He asked the school administrators what Christel House needed most, and it came to light that the students would benefit tremendously from having laptops.

David returned home with a mission to raise enough money to provide a laptop for every high school student, knowing that doing so would provide them with educational resources and the computer literacy that is essential in today’s world. As a longtime advocate of this charity, David’s network answered the call and immediately sprang into action. In less than 90 days, donors contributed $45,000—enough to purchase HP Chromebook laptops pre-loaded with educational software for each one of Christel House’s 180 high school students. Little did anyone realize that the timing of the initiative would prove to be impeccable, and that within just a few short months, possessing the proper tools for distance learning would become a necessity for students everywhere amid the global pandemic.

There’s Still More to Do

Grand Pacific Resort’s next objective is to cover the cost of WiFi in the students’ homes for the next six months. Associates throughout the organization hosted a company-wide walk-a-thon in which they logged dozens of miles in an effort to raise enough money to accomplish this goal, collectively raising a total of $22,405!

About Christel House

Christel House is a non-profit organization that helps transform the lives of children in disadvantaged communities around the world in an effort to break the cycle of poverty. By providing access to educational opportunities, individual families as well as entire communities benefit. From hosting annual fundraisers to providing internship opportunities to donating much-needed laptops, we are always looking for ways to continue to help.