Glen Grade comes from a large family. With six brothers and sisters, Glen’s grandmother hoped to secure a vacation destination the whole family could enjoy for years to come. Twenty years ago, his grandmother and aunt found just the spot – with Southern California Beach Club.

Glen described how the family has maintained their ritual of vacationing and meeting at Southern California Beach Club over the years. His children, Christine and Erin, have fond memories of growing up and vacationing at the beach. Recalling a sandcastle building competition, they said, “We built one that was four or five feet tall, eight or nine feet long and four feet wide. We had everything you could imagine on the sand castle – moats, bridges, lakes, you name it – and we ended up winning the competition. It was so much fun.”

As primary owners, the family has stayed at Southern California Beach Club every year for a week. Their daughters are now grown, and one of them is ready to continue the family tradition of owning a unit. “Now, it’s my turn to own. I’m actually going to buy in this next week or so,” she said. Inspired by years of family memories, she expressed her elation to herself own with Southern California Beach Club. “We’ve been coming down here my whole life. It’s a nice getaway that’s local…they have everything here, so you don’t have to bring bikes down, you don’t have to bring towels or extra stuff that weighs your luggage down. You have everything – all the amenities here, and it’s just nice to have weeks where you can come down at anytime, or cash it out and use it for other places to travel around the world.”

The family likes to vacation as often as they can, and have used their program benefits to travel to other properties. Traveling to different locations has broadened their horizons and also helped them appreciate what they look forward to each stay at Southern California Beach Club. A daughter said, “It’s nice to see the consistency between the resorts.” Glen has deemed their weekend travels as “power vacations” – when the family adds on two to four days whenever they can to get away and recharge.

The ease traveling to their Southern California Beach Club property affords the Grade family has captured their hearts. “Being able to check out the towels, and the beach cruisers and whatever else we need for beach time, it’s nice,” their daughter said. “It’s all right there,” Diane agreed. “They try to accommodate needs of who’s here.”

The family whole-heartedly recommended Grand Pacific Resorts to anyone considering purchasing. “Our experience with [Grand Pacific Resorts] has been phenomenal. We’ve loved everywhere that we’ve been,” Diane emphasized.

Glen encouraged people looking to own, “Come and be pleasantly surprised at how much fun you’re going to have.” His daughter added, “Every time we come, they have new stuff here. Surfboards, brand new equipment…you really don’t need anything but yourselves and bathing suit and see what else they have to offer.”