Eight schools, five countries, and nearly 6,000 students—we are honored to be a part of the extended Christel House family. From kindergarteners at Christel House’s newest school in Jamaica to adult learners getting a second chance at Christel House in Indianapolis, our purpose together with Christel House is to give the best chance to students who need it the most.

For the last two decades, we participated in a variety of initiatives to support Christel House, a charitable organization dedicated to helping break the cycle of poverty around the world. With all the changes that have taken place over the past year, we had to find new ways to remain involved with the cause.

We are excited to announce that our company will be participating in the 2021 Christel House Walk around the World. This walk-a-thon will temporarily replace our annual Golf Tournament, which is currently on hold due to health and safety regulations.

For six weeks beginning April 19th, Associates will walk, jog, bike, or exercise to log fundraising miles. They will organize into teams and set goals to help raise awareness for the cause. They will also compete in friendly contests with one another as we all work towards our collective goal of logging 15,940 miles to raise $350,000!

The walk-a-thon provides an opportunity for all our Associates to participate and connect with a cause that we have been passionate about for years.

Get involved with our Grand Pacific Resorts walk-a-thon team by participating, donating, or just following along with our progress.

About Christel House:

Christel House is a non-profit organization that helps transform the lives of children in disadvantaged communities around the world in an effort to break the cycle of poverty. By providing access to educational opportunities, individual families as well as entire communities benefit. From hosting annual fundraisers to providing internship opportunities to donating much-needed laptops, we are always looking for ways to continue to help.