Dottie Turns 100 Birthday PartyDottie Kavanaugh, an integral part of our Grand Pacific Resorts family, reached an incredible milestone on January 26th, 2024—her 100th birthday!

Decked out in shiny sequins and a birthday sash, a beaming Dottie made her grand entrance at the Riviera Restaurant in San Clemente Inn where dozens of beloved family, friends, and long-time Owners were waiting to shower her with gifts, a decadent cake that an Owner brought in all the way from Palm Springs, and multiple champagne toasts.

“Out of the people that even make it to 100, I don’t know how many of those are still selling timeshares! Thanks for all the memories!” said Dottie’s boss, Ed Wright.

A legend in the timeshare industry and in her own right, Dottie’s journey began in the 1940s as she defied norms and built an extraordinary career for herself. From a dancer in New York City theaters, to a Navy veteran who lied about her age in order to serve, Dottie’s insatiable passion for life has always set her apart.

Her experience in timeshare sales began in the 1980s at San Clemente Cove in Southern California where Dottie’s dedication and expertise have left their indelible mark on the industry. Despite all the current technology, Dottie still believes in the power of face-to-face sales, and her unwavering passion has created lasting memories for countless families over the decades.

At her birthday party, family and friends described her as the most inspirational woman they’ve ever met.

“She’s a gift to us all,” said Janet Harris, long-time Owner at San Clemente Cove. “She watched our kids grow up at the Cove.”

Lani Whiteside, another Owner at San Clemente Cove, said, “I aspire to be like her. She has such a heart-warming spirit and gives everyone so much joy.”

As she celebrated her centennial birthday, Dottie shared her timeless wisdom for staying young: keep your mind active, engage with people, be happy, and move your body—including dancing and waterskiing!

Happy birthday, Dottie Kavanaugh, a living legend and shining star within our Grand Pacific Resorts family!