Top leaders throughout Grand Pacific Resorts partnered with North County Community Services (NCCS) for the second time to volunteer at the three-quarter acre garden dedicated to producing fresh, organic produce for preschoolers in Oceanside.

Over 40 team members worked with students at the local preschool, preparing ground beds, planting seeds, and painting birdhouses – dedicating time and labors of love to beautifying the garden and school space.

“Opportunities like this remind me what Grand Pacific Resorts is all about,” says Kelly Brady-Snyder, Senior Director of Owner Loyalty who has been with Grand Pacific Resorts for 22 years. “At the heart of everything is family and how it extends beyond the work place. It’s not only about the people you work with, but also the communities you live in. So I think this is a natural fit for us to be helping out North County Community Services.”

One of the biggest impacts the community outreach had was the large trench that was dug to accommodate a new electrical line. The line was needed for a walk-in refrigerator the school will be receiving with the help of a $2,500 donation from Grand Pacific Resorts. The new walk-in refrigerator is a game changer for NCCS.

“We were able to accomplish what one person does in six weeks within just six hours,” Bianca B., Farm Manager said with a big smile. “This new walk-in fridge will help us reduce waste, and allow us to start selling produce to the local community at a weekly market, which will help us financially sustain this program.”


Grand Pacific Resorts is thrilled that all volunteer hours, and the donation, helps the NCCS community garden program thrive. It’s also a great opportunity to encourage our associates to be empowered members of the community.

Grand Pacific Resorts looks forward to more opportunities to partner with NCCS again! It’s been an incredible team building experience and the interactions with students and relationships we’ve forged with Bianca and other volunteers has been inspiring!

“I think it’s enriching not only to the kids we touch, but to the community and to each of us to get to hang out in this capacity,” said Bryan Boyd, Director of Brand Experience. “I think it’s a rare thing that companies do and I’m blessed to be a part of it.”