Last year, Grand Pacific Resorts partnered with renowned international travel company, arrivia, to launch GPX Perks and bring Owners even more travel options. Through GPX Perks, you can convert your week into Savings Credits that you can apply towards all kinds of travel benefits like rental cars, cruises, and tour packages to make your vacations that much better. Many of you have been thoroughly enjoying GPX Perks, actively claiming your Savings Credits and maximizing the diverse vacation benefits now available to you.


The reception of GPX Perks has been equally positive across both of our companies. Chief Executive Officer of arrivia, Mike Nelson, said, “We are fortunate to be partnering with Grand Pacific Resorts to deliver on our vision to offer the best private-branded loyalty solutions in the marketplace. Our depth of travel options complements Grand Pacific’s already robust Owner benefits and helps them expand their footprint while driving owner engagement and loyalty.”


Grand Pacific Resorts Vice President of Communications, Lisa Wanzenried, said, “We are proud of how teams across both companies collaborated so diligently and swiftly to bring these products to market, even in light of difficult circumstances. It was imperative to the business to find more resolve than ever in order to maximize our reach and value in an effort to stay top-of-mind during a time in which travel was at a minimum.”


Grand Pacific Resorts, along with arrivia, is in the running for Perspective Magazine Awards: Best Strategic Partnership and Best Product Development this year. Winners will be announced at the GNEX Conference in Las Vegas on February 17.