Grand B.E.T. Leadership Development Application

What is the “Grand B.E.T.”? The Grand “Be Epic Trailblazer” is our leadership development program with the ultimate goal of growing future resort leadership! The Grand BET program is broken in 3 Phases with each phase intended to equip you with new skills, experiences and the know-how to help you be an effective leader within Grand Pacific Resorts.

The second component of the application process is a video application. Not only do we want to know you, we want to see you! Being a leader means you are the most visible component of a team, the face of the resort. What better way for us to know you, than to see you! Please click the link below for instructions on how to upload your video on YouTube and share the link!

Video Application Questions

  • What are you passionate about, outside of work?
  • Which value of our BE EPIC values resonates most with you and how does that tie into leadership?
  • Tell us about your favorite vacation and what made it memorable?
  • How do you inspire people?

Video application requirements:

  • Choose three of the four video questions to answer
  • Length of video should be no less than three minutes and no longer than five minutes
  • Be creative and have fun!
  • Once the video is created, upload it to YouTube and share it with Bryan Boyd at

Upload a video on YouTube:

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