Second generation Grand Pacific Resort vacation owner at the Southern California Beach Club in Oceanside, David, credits his father for his luck in owning a vacation unit right on the beach for a few weeks out of the year. “The beginning started with my dad. He acquired a couple of units, and we were able to do a family transaction,” David explained. David and his wife, Stacey, later purchased a unit from David’s father; today, the couple owns three.

The beach holds a special place for the two. Before they were married, David brought Stacey to the beach, her first seaside experience, ever. “She was like a kid running around the beach…I kind of knew that was going to be it – that was going to be our thing. And it just evolved, “ said David. The couple is now thinking of purchasing another week, to extend the blissful time they already spend together while on vacation.

Beside the picturesque location and beautiful ocean backdrop at their vacation ownership unit, the couple commends the staff at the Southern California Beach Club for their efforts to make each stay wonderful, personable and extraordinary. Stacey added that it has felt like family since her first trip to the resort. There was one front desk associate in particular that stood out, and each time the family visited the associate would remember exactly who they were. They grew close. “I had never experienced anything like that where people remembered your name,” marveled Stacey.

The couple consistently uses their allocated time, and the benefits of vacation planning with Grand Pacific Resorts are obvious to them. “It makes time request off much easier; you know where you’re going to get, when you’re going to get there and how you’re going to get there,” Stacey pointed out.

Years of heartfelt service and enriching life experiences have resulted in loyal, happy and enthusiastic owners of Stacey, David, and their extended family. “Everything’s positive. You always have a place to stay. We always know that two to three weeks out of the year, we own a place on the beach,” the couple praised. The couple recommends vacation ownership with Grand Pacific Resorts to friends and colleagues whenever they can.

“It’s better than being at home. We take care of ourselves here, but they take care of us too.”