I am an owner at Grand Pacific Palisades. I have been an owner for over 18 years. This is home to my family. Every January my children and grandchildren circle the first week in August on their calendar for our vacation. I have many great memories of our resort but more importantly my family treasures this special time together. I took a picture of my children and grandchildren and realized that they all grew up at our resort. They talk about the resort as if it was their permanent home. I have seen my children go from wearing infant floating devices in the children’s pool to carrying surfboards to the nearby Pacific Ocean.

I love my resort because it is always well maintained and the staff is my extended family. The fact that my resort is so close to major attractions adds another great value to our vacation. I cherish the time I spend at Grand Pacific Palisades because I can make memories that will be with me for a lifetime and as I grow older and it becomes more difficult to get everyone in one area, I can count on them all wanting to come home to the Grand Pacific Palisades and that warms my heart!

– Ron L.