Did you know we recycle your used soap? It’s true!

At Grand Pacific Resorts we consider environmental sustainability efforts one of our most important endeavors and are committed to keeping the places you love to vacation as beautiful as ever!

In 2016 we launched a partnership with Clean the World to recycle partially used amenities and distribute them to impoverished families around the world, along with keeping waste out of landfills.

How are we able to do this? – Don’t throw out your used amenities!

We encourage guests to leave their partially used amenities, like shampoos and soaps, in the bathroom and not to throw them away. This helps our housekeeping teams who diligently sort through recyclables and get the used products to Clean the World. As guests, leaving your used bars of soap and bottled amenities in the rooms and out of the trash assists us with our mission.

Clean the World helps turn what guests consider trash into treasure.

Discarded soap bars and plastic bottles are given a second life as they’re turned into hygiene kits that are given to impoverished communities across the world, helping prevent millions of hygiene-related illnesses.

Over the last year Grand Pacific Resorts collected nearly 2,500 pounds of waste and Clean the World distributed nearly 8,000 bars of soap to poverty stricken countries. We’re incredibly proud to partner with an organization dedicated to improving global health and reducing waste in landfills.

Grand Pacific Resorts is leading the pack in sustainable hospitality practices. Our efforts were recently featured in a case study by Climate Education Partners, an organization dedicated to addressing the challenges of climate change that threaten San Diego by providing education and bringing local science to San Diego leaders to safeguard our region’s quality of life.