Twelve years ago, Julie and Darren received an invitation to participate in a presentation hosted by Grand Pacific Resorts at the Grand Pacific Palisades. The couple attended with no serious intent to buy, but they ended up purchasing vacation ownership. Grand Pacific Resorts ownership has proven to be a happy and irreplaceable, if unplanned, twist to their life.

“Growing up, my parents were timeshare owners, so I was exposed to that experience and we had a lot of good memories. They gave us a week of their use for a honeymoon gift, so we used that, and it kind of reeled us in a little bit more.”

“It’s so much better than a hotel. You have the kitchen accommodations. It’s more comfortable; it’s large. It’s always luxurious; the staff’s always amazing. The rooms are kept up and beautiful. We’ve stayed in both – hotel or resort – and we always love the resort here.”

Darren joked, “The minute someone finds out we’re going to our timeshare, they want to crash our vacation.” The southern California couple expressed how they’re able to capture that vacation feel, even if they’re close to home. “Being here, it makes you feel like you’re far away. You really are able to disconnect and enjoy your time here.”

Julie and her husband really appreciate the downtime a relaxing vacation with Grand Pacific Resorts affords you. “For us, it forces you to take that vacation you probably otherwise wouldn’t, especially a place that has the type of accommodations that Grand Pacific has.” The couple has enjoyed other resorts throughout California as well, like Lake Tahoe’s Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge and the Carlsbad Inn, and they find the opportunities to travel the world, whether to their well-known favorite areas or foreign destinations, endless. “What’s great about the exchange program is you can literally go anywhere, and stay anywhere.”