Carlsbad Inn - Eugene M. in the 80'sCarlsbad Inn Beach Resort is a favorite resort among our owners and guests for many reasons, one of them being the bright smile that Eugene M., the resort’s Area Porter, has been gifting guests for the past 30 years! We celebrated his 30th anniversary with a catered lunch, prizes, cake, and a fun slideshow of photos exhibiting Eugene’s epic career at the Carlsbad Inn that started back in the ’80s.

Eugene grew up in the Philippines and moved across the Pacific to San Diego, California in 1985 with his family, including his identical twin brother, Alan. Two years after living in the U.S. Eugene and Alan were both hired as Area Porters in Carlsbad Inn’s housekeeping department in October of 1987. With their matching jovial smiles and diligent work ethics, associates and guests would often confuse the two around the resort, making for hilarious encounters. Shortly after, Alan moved positions to a different resort in the area, leaving Eugene to continue providing heartfelt service for the next 30 years. During that time, Eugene has become a staple at the Carlsbad Inn.

“There are about 6,732 owners at Carlsbad Inn,” said Randy Chapin, General Manager of the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort. “I would guess I know about 2,500 of them really well, but I would guess 5,000 of them know Eugene really well. He’s the most recognizable face at the Carlsbad Inn.”

Eugene has been helping make vacation memories for generations of families year after year. Owners know him for his infectious smile, kindness and epic work ethic, so much so they look forward to greeting him at check-in or stop to say hello during their week.

We’re so fortunate to have such an epic associate part of the Grand Pacific Resorts team and we hope Eugene will continue to brighten the lives of owners and guests for many more years to come!

Carlsbad Inn - Eugene's 30th Anniversary Party

“Any time I think about hard work, service and attitude in general, the icon is Eugene,” explained Randy Chapin to a crowded room of Eugene’s peers who were celebrating his career milestone. “After 30 years to think none of that has faded is really a testament to Eugene. I’m so proud and thankful to have him here at the Carlsbad Inn!”

“Eugene is just the best, said Linda Carranza, who has worked at Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort for nearly as long as Eugene. “I’ve worked here 25 years and we’ve always been a team – always working together creating vacations for guests. I’m so proud of him.”

We take pride in our team and are always looking to add more bright hospitality stars to the Grand Pacific Resorts family. If you are interested in a career in hospitality, including General Manager positions, please visit Grand Pacific Resorts’ careers website: