When Louie the Lion, little Jaxon’s bedtime buddy for the last several years, was accidentally left behind at MarBrisa, the resort found him and shipped him home. However, the package never arrived, and after a few weeks, the search for Louie the Lion was called off. The staff at MarBrisa felt awful knowing Louie had gone missing while in their care.

They ordered a replacement for the family; however, they ordered “Daddy Louie” by mistake. Since Jaxon’s family had plans to go back to the resort that weekend, the general manager came up with the idea of telling Jaxon that “Daddy Louie” was sent to keep him company until he could be reunited with Little Louie, who was out having too much fun around the resort!

Once the resort found a replacement Little Louie, the staff proceeded to make an entire book about all of Louie’s adventures at the resort. When Jax’s family checked in again, the staff greeted them with Louie plus the book they had made! Jax absolutely loved having his parents read to him about Louie’s adventures every night, and when Jax took Louie out to the pool, several staff members recognized him. Apparently all of MarBrisa was in on Louie’s adventures and couldn’t wait to meet the little boy behind the story.

“The staff at MarBrisa went over and beyond in making this story have a happy ending! I’m so thankful for their thoughtfulness, creativity and stellar customer service in going the extra mile! Louie has quite the adventurous spirit! We may have to continue to document his travels! Thank you Hilton Grand Vacations Club at MarBrisa!,” said Megan, Jaxon’s mom.

We were so happy to be able to reunited Jaxon with his beloved Louie and look forward to sharing more inspiring stories of heartfelt hospitality.