Sure, you could always buy the traveler in your life another waterproof toiletries bag. But what if you want something more personal and heartfelt?

Avid travelers are notoriously difficult to find gifts for. They tend to travel light, and their less-is-more mentality often translates to the way they live at home.

Sure, you could always buy the traveler in your life something practical, like a waterproof toiletries bag or another universal charger. But what if you want to give something a little more personal and heartfelt?

There are plenty of meaningful gift options for travelers. You just have to think a little outside of the box. Here are our top gift ideas for the globetrotter in your life.

1. Foreign Language Classes

Give your favorite traveler the gift of self-expression. Whether they’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, Italian, or Chinese, there are numerous options out there, ranging from language-learning software to extension classes at the local university.

2. New Family Traditions

Share a favorite tradition with your traveler. Gift your great-grandmother’s treasured holiday cookie recipe. Or cater to your traveler’s playful side by giving them a glass pickle ornament to hide in their Christmas tree.

3. A Bonus Week from GPX

Did you know that Grand Pacific Resorts owners can gift Bonus Weeks to friends and family at no cost? Browse available weeks here, and make sure you’ve liked our Facebook page for the latest deals.

4. A ResorTime Getaway

If you don’t want to gift an entire week to your traveler, consider a two- or three-night getaway with ResorTime. With more than 1,000 resorts in the United States and worldwide, you’re sure to find the perfect destination.

5. Charitable Contributions

Avid travelers tend to have big hearts for the world. Consider giving a donation to Send Me On Vacation on behalf of your traveler, or look for fair trade gifts that support micro-development in the Third World.

6. Portable Games

If you’ve ever been stuck in an airport or gone on a long train ride, you know that portable games can save your sanity. Give your traveler a cute or humorous pack of playing cards or another small game to play during downtime.

7. Digital Downloads

Does your traveler bring their smart phone or tablet everywhere they go? Consider gifting digital movies, books, magazines, or music. Like portable games, digital downloads provide hours of entertainment without taking up precious space.

8. Gifts from a Favorite Destination

Does your traveler still reminisce about the summer they spent in Spain? Give them a paella pan. Does your traveler love America’s Finest City? Look for a six-pack of craft beer from their favorite San Diego microbrewery.

With so many meaningful gift possibilities for the traveler in your life, the hardest part is now going to be choosing which one to go with! Grand Pacific Vacation Services is here to help if you decide to give the gift of travel. Simply call (888) 477-6967 for assistance.