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2000 Panorama Drive, Bag 7000, Panorama, BC Canada V0A 1T0  
Panorama Mountain Hiking

Panorama Village Hiking: The Panorama Village is a hiker's heaven with multiple trails of varying lengths and difficulty that will prove challenging for even the most experienced outdoor enthusiast. Whether you are looking to get out on the trail for an hour or spend an entire immersed in nature, there is a trail to suit anyone's needs here in Panorama.

Short Adventures

The Valley Trail: A paved multi-purpose loop is an hour long hike perfect for the entire family. The trail wraps around Greywolf Golf Course then descends towards Carrick's Restaurant before finishing off along the Toby Creek. Distance = 4 miles(6km), taking approximately 1 hour to complete.

Cox's Creek Trail: A short but slightly more strenuous trail climbs through the forest above the Mile 1 Quad lift before descending Panorama's World Cup Downhill run back to the top of the chairlift. This hike provides some great views of Mt. Nelson and the village down below. Approx. 1 hour.

Fort Hide n' Seek: The kids' adventure hike will only take 35 minutes and gives the kids an opportunity to enjoy the hidden play area near the top of the Mile 1 Quad. It is a downhill walk to the playhouse and a short climb back up to the chairlift when you're done. Approx. 35 minutes (not counting play time).

Trails to Explore

The Old Toby Road: This trail follows the old roadway from Invermere to Panorama along the south side of Toby Creek. It ends at what is left of the canyon bridge. Approx. 45-60 minutes.

Hale Hut & Toby Creek: This hike departs from the southwest corner of the Greywolf Golf Course and stays along the Toby Creek for most of the hike. The trail is mostly flat with a few slight elevation changes at the trailhead. Take a lunch with you and enjoy the views from Hale Hut of the Paradox Peak Wolf Molars. Approx. 1 hour loop (not counting lunch).

Cox Creek Lookout & Founders Ridge: A narrow hike that works its way up to Founders Ridge where you will be rewarded with spectacular views and wildlife sightings. The hike is mostly downhill and ends up in the Upper Village which makes it accessible to most people. Approx. 1-1.25 hours.

Expedition Hikes

Panorama Mountain Summit: The ultimate hike for adventure seekers is summiting Panorama Mountain. It is for serious hikers only, climbing 4,000 ft, and rewarding the hiker with the famous “view of 1,000 peaks” from the top. If you want to cut down on the time and elevation climb, take the Mile 1 Quad to the trailhead and save 1,246 feet of climbing. Approx. 6 hours return w/o chairlift.

Mount Goldie: If you are up for an additional challenge after summiting Panorama, keep on going up Mount Goldie. It's not much farther, the views keep getting better, less people have been there, and it will give you another hour of exercise. Approx. 1 hour after Panorama Summit.

Jumbo Pass: It is a slight challenge to access this hike and you can only go during a short period of the year, but it is worth it. The area is loaded with soaring peaks, pine lakes, and wildflowers. You will be at peace during this hike into Mother Nature's spectacular scenery. Approx. 2.5-3 hours.

Lake of the Hanging Glacier: This hike takes you out to a glacial lake surrounded by sky reaching peaks. The lake is a surreal blue color that you won't believe until you see it under the sunlight. Pack a lunch and bring some binoculars and a camera as you may catch a glimpse of some mountain goats in the leftover snow. Approx. 2.5-3 hours.

Sultana Creek & Thunderbird Mine: Easily accessible from Panorama Village, this hike is a longer trek that brings you up to some remnants of uninhabited buildings. The trail is for mid-expert level hikers because you have to cross creeks and slide paths. Approx. 2.5-3 hours.

Trekking: If a 3-6 hour hike just isn't enough to satisfy for wilderness cravings, the nearby Purcell Wilderness Conservancy is perfect for long and overnight treks. You will need to organize the trek on your own and make sure you bring on the necessary gear. If you know what you are doing, the Conservancy is home to thousands of miles of trails waiting to be explored. Once you get away from the trail head, you probably won't see any civilization until you return.

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