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Accepting 2014 and 2015 Weeks

Please note that in order to fill out the agreement below, you must have your Vacation Ownership Week "start" and "end" dates. If you do not yet have this information, please call your resort.

Owner Information
Owner First and Last Name: * Required
Social Security #:
* This agreement will not be accepted unless social security number is provided. Owner Social Security Number is required for tax purposes, should your income exceed an IRS specified amount, we are required to report it as income.
Owner Spouse First and Last Name:
Social Security #:
Co-Owner's Name:
Social Security #:
Owner's Phone: Home: *
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Email Address:
* Email confirmation of the receipt of this Agreement will be sent to this email address.
Resort Information
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Owner Number: (If unknown please call your resort)
Unit Week #:
(If you know the dates of your week, but are uncertain of the week number, please click here for our Vacation Ownership Calendar)
Unit Type:
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Float Week Owners:
Please call your home resort to book your use week and then complete Owner Rental Application.
Fixed Week Owners:
Please verify your check-in/out dates with your resort.
*Week Start:
*Week End:
Year of Vacation Ownership Week: *
Terms and Conditions

I, the undersigned Owner of the above described Vacation Ownership week ("VO" or "Use Week"), hereby authorize Grand Pacific Resort Management, ("GPRM") to rent such VO on my behalf, upon the following conditions:


1. TERM. This Agreement is intended to be an annual contract, to be in effect from the date of execution through the date of occupancy for the Use Week that is the subject of the Agreement. After the date of occupancy has passed, a new agreement must be submitted should Owner wish to participate in the GPRM rental program for the next year. Each separate Use Week that the Owner wishes to rent through GPRM must be the subject of a separate Agreement. This Agreement encompasses solely the Use Week identified above.

2. PURPOSE. This Agreement shall govern the rights and obligations of the parties with respect to the rental of Owner's VO during any year that Owner desires to participate in GPRM rental program and so notifies the Central Reservations Department in writing. Rental Agreements will be accepted up to one year in advance of the occupancy date for the Use Week to be rented.

3. EXCLUSIVE AGENCY. By executing this Agreement, Owner forfeits the right to concurrently employ another rental agent or to commit the VO to any exchange organization, such as RCI or Interval International.

4. OWNER RESERVATION. Owner is required to advise the Central Reservations Department of his/her intention to participate in the GPRM rental program at least six (6) weeks in advance of occupancy date, and as early as 18 months in advance for best results. When entering into the rental agreement, Owner acknowledges that we reserve the right to change unit numbers in order to accommodate various guests. Should Owner utilize a portion of the use week, Owner is guaranteed a unit type but will not be guaranteed unit number owned.

5. NON-GUARANTEED RENTAL. Owner acknowledges that GPRM can neither guarantee that Owner's VO will be rented, in whole or part, nor rented at an established rate. GPRM agrees to use best efforts to rent the entire VO at the best possible rate, but reserves the right to rent less than the entire VO and to quote rates less than suggested rates.

6. SALE OR TRANSFER OF VO. In the event that the VO is sold, Owner agrees that sale shall be made subject to any and all pending rental reservation(s) under this Agreement and Owner shall immediately notify the Resort and Central Reservations Department of the sale.

7. NOTIFICATION OF NON-RENTAL. Owner Rental Department will provide notification of rental status 30 days prior to check in and again seven (7) days prior to check. Phone calls will NOT be accepted to inquire as to status of rental. All requests must be in writing by either email at OwnerRentals@GrandPacificResorts.com or faxed to (760) 828-4243.

8. QUESTIONS AND REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION. Owner acknowledges that all questions and requests for information, including accounting, which may arise in connection with this Agreement, shall be directed via email to OwnerRentals@GrandPacificResorts.com, faxed to (760) 828-4243 or call (800) 831-3027.

9. INDEMNIFICATION BY OWNER. Owner shall indemnify Homeowners Association ("Association") and GPRM holding them harmless from any losses or damages that the Association or GPRM may incur as a result of this Agreement or any failure by Owner to perform its obligations hereunder. Association or GPRM may withhold any rental received to partially protect itself against loss.


A. Administrative Fee. Owner hereby expressly authorizes GPRM to deduct 40% of the gross rent as a fee payable after any applicable credit card surcharges and or package fulfillment have been deducted.

  1. Administration/Operations/Sales & Marketing. Administrative fees will cover all expenses incurred as a result of staff, salaries and wages for reservations, payables, receivables, telephone, operating supplies, marketing (ie; mailings, collateral material and online and offline advertising).

B. Homeowners Association Supplemental Contribution. Reservation fee of five percent (5%) will be deducted from the GPRM proceeds portion which will be payable to your resort Homeowners Association.

C. Travel Agencies at Commissionable Rates. Owner Rental Department is hereby authorized by Owner to utilize all travel-related agencies such as ResorTime.com at industry-wide commissionable rates. Commissions shall be deducted from the gross rent prior to any revenue split between the GPRM and Owner.

11. ADVANCE PAYMENT. Payment in full will be required for all weekly rentals at least seven (7) days prior to arrival date. The disposition of any refund request by renter will be at sole discretion of the Manager of the Resort where the VO is located.

12. CANCELLATIONS/FORFEITURE OF DEPOSITS. In the event a reservation cancellation is received by GPRM more than seven (7) days prior to check-in for weekly rentals and seven (7) days prior to check-in for nightly rentals, the reservation deposit shall be refunded to prospective renter in full. Any cancellations received after the noted cancellation periods will result in forfeiture of the deposit collected with 60% paid to Owner and 40% to GPRM. Based on Management's discretion, we reserve the right to allow cancellations of rental guest within seven (7) days based on extenuating circumstances that may need to be confidential.

13. ACCOUNTING. All accounting required under this Agreement will be completed within twenty one (21) days of the last day of interval rented. If Use Week falls within two (2) separate monthly periods, then two (2) separate checks will be sent within twenty one (21) days of interval rented. All inquiries regarding the status of rental, commissions or any other accounting related function must be submitted via email at OwnerRentals@GrandPacificResorts.com or faxed to (760)828-4243.

14. IN-HOUSE AUTOMATED BANKING PROGRAM. UPON PROVIDING MY CONSENT AS INDICATED BELOW, Grand Pacific Resort Management, Central Reservations Department shall deposit my week into the Grand Pacific Exchange Program (GPX) 14-30 days prior to the start date of the Use Week (If my week has not rented for a minimum of three (3) nights.) Owners will have two (2) years from date of deposit to redeem an exchange week directly through GPX. Owner will not be required to pay any membership fees in connection with said exchange, and will, however, be subject to associated exchange fee: $169 Domestic, $189 International (rates subject to change). GPX is an internal GPR exchange program.

Please select one of the following by Initialing in Space Provided (Required)
I want to automatically bank my week with GPX if fewer than three (3) nights have been rented and the start date is within 14- 30 days, depending on demand and season. I understand I will not receive any rental income if my week is banked with GPX.
I do NOT want to have my week automatically banked with GPX and will take full responsibility for utilizing other options for my week should any part not be rented.

15. TERMINATION. Pursuant to the provisions of this Paragraph, this Agreement may be terminated should Owner wish to terminate to; rent, use or bank his/her Use Week with any other exchange company. Owner must submit request in writing to have the Use Week removed from GPRM's rental program. The request will be granted only if, the VO has not already been rented or reserved, in whole or in part. It is agreed that it would be impractical and/or extremely difficult to fix or establish the actual damage sustained as a result of termination more than thirty days prior to the occupancy date for the Use Week that is the subject of this Agreement. Consequently, it is agreed that a $50 fee will be assessed for any requests more than 30 days prior to the start date of the Use Week. The fee is intended to compensate GPRM for the marketing and/or administrative costs associated with efforts to rent the VO. No fee will be assessed for terminations less than thirty days prior to the date of occupancy for any Use Week that at the time of termination has not been rented, in whole or in part.

Please Initial Here: *

16. TAXES. All GPRM resorts are located within a governmental jurisdiction that imposes a tax, based on any rental revenues, and such tax shall be collected from the renter by GPRM.

17. BEST EFFORTS. GPRM agrees to make every reasonable effort to rent Owner's VO. Owner agrees to indemnify and hold the Association, its Board of Directors and employees, Grand Pacific Resort Management, its officers and employees, harmless against and from any and all claims, demands, and liabilities which may arise in connection with the rental of Owner's VO. Owner specifically relieves GPRM from any liability in connection with non-rental of Owner's VO.

18. LOSS OF RENTAL RIGHTS. In the event Owner shall become delinquent in the payment of any money owed to the Association prior to the rental dates and such delinquency shall remain unpaid as of the first day of the rental period, Owner shall lose the right to any rental income generated, which rental income shall be deposited into the Association's operating account, less the Administrative Fee paid to GPRM.

Under these circumstances, neither GPRM nor the Association shall have any obligation to apply any portion of the rental income to Owner's delinquent account.

19. PROPER AUTHORITY. Owner warrants that it possesses the requisite power and authority to enter into and perform its obligations under this Agreement on behalf of all persons in title of Owner's VO. If Owner owns multiple VOs, Owner must execute and submit a separate Rental Agreement for each VO.

20. TELEMARKETING CONSENT. By executing this Agreement, Owner acknowledges a business relationship with Grand Pacific Resorts, Inc., Grand Pacific Resort Management, and ResorTime.com L.P. (all of whom may be involved in one way or another in the effort to rent the VO that is the subject of this Agreement.) By executing this Agreement, Owner provides express consent, permission and authorization to be contacted by telephone by any of the entities above with regard to product and/or service offerings, at the phone number listed above, until such consent is revoked by request to be placed on the company specific "Do-Not-Call List" maintained by each separate company.

Note: Such a request must be directed to each separate company; a request to one company will not result in your being placed on any other company's specific "Do-Not-Call" list.

21. CHARGE BACKS. GPRM now offers the ability for Owners to eliminate risk of losing confirmed rental income due to rental guest credit card chargebacks or insufficient funds.

Please select one of the following (required)*

I wish to OPT IN to the Optional Rental Income Guarantee and will not be responsible in the event of a charge back by the guest(s) who rent my week. Enclosed is my payment for $24.95.
I wish to OPT OUT of the Optional Rental Income Guarantee and take full responsibility in the event of a charge back which may result in my rental income being forfeited and/or paid back to my home resort.

This Agreement will not be accepted unless Social Security number is provided.


By submitting this form you are agreeing that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions of this RENTAL AGREEMENT.

Grand Pacific Resort Management,
Owner Rental Department
5900 Pasteur Court, Suite 200
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(800) 831-3027
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