Mario and Alex Need Your Help!

The RCI Christel House Open

As a Global Children’s Ambassador, 100% of your $10,000 donation will

cover the education, meals, and medical support needed for 1 year.


You can help Mario further his education to achieve his goal to become a doctor and make an impact in the field of finding cures to cancer.



Your generous donation will also assist Alex, a 10th Grade Student at Christel House, become the next star mathematician, or even the next Mother Teresa. Your support provides her with her favorite, most cherished items—tools for her education, including uniforms, textbooks and transportation. She thirsts for knowledge and is passionate about helping people. Your donation will help support her journey to become the best person possible, and in turn inspire the next generation!



Mario and Alex hope that they can count on your support, and Christel House International is excited to partner with you in breaking the cycle of poverty!


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